Tuesday, January 11, 2011

My kids did some awesome things last night/this morning, and I felt it was worth writing about.

Robin pooped in the potty last night before his bath! Pretty excited! I got him undressed and he kept saying "Poop, Poop," so I put him on the toilet. He grunted and pooped a HUGE poop. We left him there for awhile while we danced and cheered, then wiped him and put him in the bath. He asked for bubbles so I ran some more water and added bubbbles.  Knock yourself out kid, you poop on the potty, you can have all the bubbles you want.

After the super awesome pooping in the potty, we got the kids ready for bed.  The Spouse was going to tuck Robin in while I read Batman a book.  Robin stuck out his lower lip (he's super talented with the pouty lip, if I haven't mentioned that before) looked at me, and said, "I want to take care of you."  What?  "I want to take care of you."  "You want to take care of Mommy?"  "Yes."  "Robin, that's terrific news, I would love for you to take care of me when I'm old and gray."  Batman piped up with, "Daddy, I'll take care of you."  So it's recorded here, folks.  Robin will take care of me in my old age. The Spouse will live with Batman

I hugged him and said, "I love my baby."  He replied, "I love my Mommy."  Then he wiggled down and gave The Spouse a pitty hug, kiss, and I love you.  Not nearly as convincing as when he says it to Mommy.   And all that emotional manipulation ended with me tucking him in, which is what he really wanted in the first place.  My heart grew three sizes that day.

This morning, I told Batman I needed to check my blackberry (which is  really a droid that I despise).

Me: I'm going to see who won last night's game.
Batman: I hope it was the Cowboys.
Me: Yes, that would be great wouldn't it.
Batman: Or the Ducks.
Me: Yes, I really hope the Ducks won...nope, they lost.
Batman: Aw, man.
Me: (Just happy that for once the college sports talk didn't revolve around the Cult of the Jayhawk that I married into.)

Still in shock over the shooting in Arizona and the loss of a former Hill staffer (and 37 yrs old mother of 3) here in DC today.  Made me all the more grateful to have sweet moments with my children.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

THIS is why I don't blog.  Too much responsibility.  Poor neglected little online journal.

To sum up past six weeks:

-The Spouse took Batman and Robin to Kansas to visit the inlaws while I got a horrible cold and had a wonderfully sick weekend at home.
-Batman and Robin had a pretty good Christmas.  By design, they didn't get everything they wanted, but they did pretty well.
-New Year's Eve was a blast!  Batman got to stay up for the first time ever, and we salsa-ed our asses off with our neighbors. 
-New Year's Day hangover wasn't too bad.
-Republican congress being sworn in today.  Has anyone else observed that these new convervatives are huge breeders?  Makes me feel compelled to have more kids, just to boost numbers on the left.
-Big changes afoot.