Wednesday, January 29, 2014

I hope I have not lost the invulnerable plunk

I LOVE getting comments from readers of this blog.  Really, words cannot express how excited I get when I am notified that I have a new comment - mostly because this blog is read by exactly three people (and YOU are one of them.  Thanks!)

Here is a new comment from a new reader, Anonymous:

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Celebrate good times, come on!": 

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I sincerely hope I have not lost the invulnerable plunk.

The shades are corking...

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

SOTU to you, too!

Here's my blow by blow of the evening:

In my pjs, have the laptop, cookies in the's time. Bring it on, Barack Obama#SOTU

  • The ceremonial entering of the Cabinet.

  •  Michelle's dress looks comfy. I could sit in that for an hour.

  •  But, ugh, the lack of legroom in her seat.

  • Queen Sheila in the House! Love that pink.

  • H2 lost the SOTU privileges and had to go to bed. He's a much better political buddy than H1.

  • Sister Wife: You are psycho!

  •  If by that you mean awesome, then yes, I am!

  • Female Engineer Friend:  Mary Barra is sitting right behind her. Go GM! Women CEOs rule.

  • Willie Robertson!

    The green tie sets of Boehner's orange. He looks sharp. Biden looks blue in comparison. Point to Boehner.

  • Sister Wife: Nope, meant psycho. Still love ya though and look forward to reading tomorrow the play by play and who wore what best

  •  Hey, Jim Costa! Repping the Central Valley. What, no Jeff Denham?

  •  Look at Ruth Ginsberg's lace collar. She's so cute!

  • Now that I see the three of them up there, Biden's navy suit is washed out. Nope. Should have worn black.

  •  Go FARM BILL!!!

  • Stand up, sit down, fight, fight, fight!

  •  Lots of empty seats tonight. People keeping their distance. Shall I remind them that the US Constitution states the President must report to Congress on the SOTU? It's their job to sit through this.

  •  Is that navy? It looks cobalt.

  • Oh, Paul Ryan, how I miss your ears. They remind me of my Granddad.

  • Fellow Californian Expat: It's navy... cobalt means your tv is stuck in the 90s

  • Sorority Sister weighing in from the West Coast:  I'm not watching but I hear Obama gave another shout out to Boner, which means he'll be crying for the next week at least.

  •  Me, "There's Sen. Feinstein. I used to work for her." Batman, "Back in the 1900s?" Me, feeling ancient, "yes..."

  •  Cantor appears in need of a poop.

  •  Do you think John Kerry is sitting there thinking of the speech HE would have given?

  •  I make pitifully little money for being a high powered Washington lobbyist.

  •  But I'm not making minimum wage nor raising my family in poverty...

  • Robin was down throwing a fit because he smelled the cookies but couldn't have any. I'm a horrible parent.
  • Cathy McMorris Rogers is an amazing woman. I don't agree with her politics or what she's wearing tonight, but she's accomplished more than I ever will.

  • Apparently, Cathy's parents talk like Kenneth from 30 Rock.
  • Eh, I'm not sure my job gives me dignity.
  • See, Spouse, she can have three kids and a high powered job...we are such underachievers.

ABC isn't covering the Tea Party rebuttal.  Aw crap, it's snowing again.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Run for your lives, it's the Polar Vortex Part Deux!

Sorry I'm not posting much lately, but if I stop moving I will freeze to death and die. My imminent demise is not worth blogging about.

Take care, stay warm.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Expanding the Dictatorship

My loan was approved!!!! This has been YEARS in the making. Business ownership, here I come (fingers crossed). Don't worry, folks, I'm not quitting my day job because the children seem to like being able to eat.

I'm super excited to be the next Evil Overlord of Wayne Enterprises!

Monday, January 6, 2014

Homeowner with ADD

I have a mountain of wood in the backyard that was fished out the pool this winter.  The cover is shredded and will need to be replaced.  I'm seriously considering replacing the pool with an underground bunker.  It will fill in the space AND feed my inner survivalist/conspiracy theorist. (Of course, it's never good to feed the paranoia, but I am a fan of the new Eminem song, The Monster.)

Did you know that there is a Pinterest board dedicated to underground bunkers?  Of course you did.

I finished painting the kitchen this weekend - and by finished, I mean that I got all the wall areas done with a first and second coat (except for the area behind the stove that still had a plexiglass cover over wallpaper because The Spouse won't pull out the stove.  But it's very museum-like, so maybe I can convince people it's a peak back into 1973?).  I haven't even begun to dream of when I might do the trim.

When we first bought Wayne Manor, I had planned to use Rustoleum Cabinet Transformations to paint the cabinets "Federal Gray".

Rustoleum Cabinet Transformation....Federal Gray

Then I had a change of heart and decided that a wood color would look better, so bought it in Cabernet.

Kitchen Ideas:  Rustoleum Cabinet Transformations - Cabernet Glazed.  Counter: Desert Sand.  Brushed nickel hardware and stainless steel appliances & a nice backsplash would make it look way nicer.

But now I'm wavering back to the gray because I won't be able to afford to replace the awesome green floor and counters for, oh, years.

The paint color on the walls is Silver Drop, by Behr.  It's a great neutral with a touch of warm green to it.  It's also the exact paint color we used in the Batcave and have now carried over to Wayne Manor primarily to save The Spouse from angst over another decision:

Oh, how I miss the old kitchen!

New Kitchen - The Row

The trim is White Dove by Benjamin Moore:

white dove benjamin moore - Trim and cabinets

But, of course, all of this is predicated on me finding the right Time/Energy equation to make this all happen.  But I think I'll postpone painting the trim until I decide on the cabinets...right?