Monday, September 22, 2014

I wish to thank all the robo-visits that comment to tell me how I can enlarge various parts of my body - though my nose is big enough now, thank you. Your efforts have helped fuel the ads on this blog.  I have no idea how that happens, but thank you.

Robin started kindergarten a few weeks ago.  How did that time fly by so quickly? I'm so sad that my baby is a big kid.  He's still roughly the size of Hagrid and has already lost three teeth.  In comparison, Batman didn't lose any teeth until he was well into first grade.

Wayne Enterprises is struggling along.  It's a thousand cuts daily that bleed the bottom line.  I really should start a "I don't know what I'm doing owning a business" blog.  But I don't have time to write in this one, why should I start another half assed attempt?

Wayne Manor is slowly crumbling around us.  We have a crack in our foundation that slowly seeps water into our basement, but we can't afford to fix it.  We still have mold.  We still have crumbling retailing walls. We still have ivy taking over the backyard, though I do my best to pull it out - it's my therapy.  I can get my agression out.  Also, I grew eight small pumpkins this year.  It's great, but I wanted BIG pumpkins.  {sigh} next year...

I guess that's it.  Just wanted to let the robo-visitors know what's what.

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  1. I got on to blogger today for the first time in for-EVER and saw your post right away, and was all like, life doesn't even change when I'm gone! Jilll's still here blogging! Then I read it and saw your post list for 2014 and was like, whoa she's doing about as good as me with this whole blogging thing.

    But I wanted to say hi anyways.

    Also, good luck with the mold thing, it sounds like a whole lot of crappy to deal with.