Monday, May 16, 2011

I'm dreaming of a MOOOLTEN CHOCOLATE CAKE, just like the ones I used to eat

I'm down another 2 pounds, for a grand total of 7 pounds lost from my all time non-pregnancy high.  It seems the "Not Shoving Everything I See in My Mouth, Sleeping, and Getting off my Ass" diet plan is working.  Go figure.  It also helps that my husband is following a strict regime of "I Refuse to Eat in a Restaurant With Our Children."  Which really made me bitter on Friday when he was off all day and I came home and had to cook (Sidenote: WTF?!?)  I just wanted a molten chocolate cake from Chili's.  And a magarita.  And some southwest eggrolls.  Instead, I had chicken with chipotle and black bean salsa, corny cornbread, and brownies with white wine.  I know it sounds the same, but it's not.  Oh, how it was not.  Did I mention that I had to make it?