Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus. Sort of. Only we call him Walmart.

The Dynamic Duo decided that this year's must-have Christmas gift is the Hot Wheels Wall Tracks starter set. 

I attempted to pick one up in Target when it went on sale on Sunday but found only empty shelves and rainchecks. I tried to e-shop it, just to get it over with, only to discover that every other boy ages 5-9 wants one, too. 


They were sold out in site after site, and going for nearly twice the MSRP on ebay and Amazon.  I finally discovered that Walmart was accepting orders and claimed to have it in stock.  I took the leap of faith, paid the MSRP (that hurt, I hate it when I don't get a bargain), and placed the order.

It just arrived.

Way to go, Walmart!  Christmas is saved (as long as those stinkers don't change their minds).

I'm just glad I'm not hunting for a Leappad.  Phew!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Sorry fans

I know my audience is checking in hourly to see if I have any exciting new updates.  Alas, I am still a member of the walking dead.  Hoping to be back among the living by Turkey Day, because it's been nearly two weeks.  My sinuses are draining, which is a step in the right direction, and the stuff coming out of my nose is fascinating and disgusting at the same time.  It wouldn't be so bad if it wouldn't leak out at work.  Or Target. 

On that note, have an appetizing Thanksgiving!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Only you can stop the zombie apocalypse

I got my flu shot a couple weeks ago, but neglected to get the creeping crud shot.  My sore throat on Thursday added sniffles and fever on Friday.  By Saturday, I was in full zombie mode, shuffling aimlessly and trying to eat brains.  Urgent Care diagnosed a sinus infection and bronchitis on top of the walking dead virus.  The Spouse, bless him, did not retreat to the Winchester with a cricket bat, but rather let me veg on the moaning couch with my cozy pants and have a man cold.

I have been sick for an entire week now, but finally feel like maybe I'm starting to kick it.  Maybe. 

Sunday, November 13, 2011


Today I am thankful for antibiotics.  Last week, I had a "mom cold" that advanced to a "man cold" that advanced to a sinus infection/bronchitis thing.  I missed a day off with my dad, snuggling with a newborn baby, dinner  with good friends, and a gorgeous three day weekend.  I'm pretty pissed about it.  After 24 hours on drugs, I'm back down to "mom cold" category (yes, I know the antibiotics won't treat a virus, and no, I don't plan to stop taking them just because I feel better).

I'm also thankful for modern washing machines and dryers.  The amount of laundry that we generate is unbelievable.  Laundry has had a starring role in my drugged out dreams over the past few days and night time cold meds seem to reinforce my laundry insecurity.  While I am thankful for sleep, it's been anything but restful.  Laundry nightmare, wake up coughing, different laundry nightmare, repeat.

The Spouse tells me that my hacking cough-til-I-gag is hot. 

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Shopping angst

Few people love a deal more than I do, and few people experience buyer's remorse over every single thing they buy.  I research every purchase with regard to quality and price.  I comparison shop, look for coupons and promo codes, and am a dedicated ebates user.  Of course, I also fall victim to a good deal that I don't always need which begats more buyer's remorse.

This time of year is hell for me.  I have a general idea of what the kids want for Christmas, but no idea what the *big* wants are.  I'm finding good prices on things I think they'll like, but they are becoming more specific on what they do and don't want.  Mostly Batman - who looked at us Christmas morning and announced that Santa got it wrong. Robin will still gladly receive random crap, but I don't want to coast on that given the guilt I felt after his birthday when I realized he didn't get anything on his list.

I'm wondering if I should buy stuff I see now when prices seem fair, or hold off until Black Friday to see if prices get better.  But will they?  Or will I miss my chance to get Matchbox Mega Rig Shark Set and that becomes the one thing Robin has to have and I can't get it?  (I think I'm the one that wants it, not so much them. But I would have tons of fun with it at bath time.)


Monday, November 7, 2011


My dad arrived Saturday morning and the Superheroes are beside themselves.  They have decided instead of calling him "Grandpa" they will call him "Gramps" because it's less work.  Whatever floats your boats.  My dad is doing alright after 48 hours of small children, but I think he was relieved when we all left him alone today.

Gramps and I took the boys to Mount Vernon yesterday.  They loved it, as expected.  They always have such a wonderful time there, mostly because they can pretty much run, jump, play wherever (within reason).  In all the times we have been since we had children, we haven't taken them in the mansion.  That's ok, gives them something to look forward to. 

It was an amazing fall day.  They rolled down the hill behind the house, dug in dirt, threw rocks in the Potomac, went on a "nature walk" through the forest on the way back up the hill, and Robin had a really nasty diaper changed next to the cow pasture (had to be done ASAP and there wasn't anywhere else to do it).  The boys were filthy, hungry, and tired, so we ate lunch at the food court before we went through the museum.  I'm amazed that they enjoy it as much as they do, and that's a testment to the Ladies of Mount Vernon. 

We are now the proud holders of annual passes. My hope is that we go at least once before they expire, then they will have paid for themselves. As we were leaving, we saw a minivan with Virginia plates and a Chico State alum frame holder.  Crazy.  What are the odds?

Friday, November 4, 2011


This is the time of year for everyone and their mother to post what they are thankful about, so I thought I would post my own list.  I am not a heartless ogre (contrary to the views of a select few) and am always thankful for my family, health, home, job, etc -that's a daily gratitude.  This is my list of those extra things that make my life awesome.

-Five Guys.  How do I love thee? Let me count the ways.  I love your well done burgers and lightly toasted buns.  I love your crisp fries.  I love your free refills on soda.  I love your cheap price.  I do not love the ten pounds I gained when I stopped breastfeeding.  The introduction of online ordering has only deepened my love for you.

-Hot water.  Good for cooking, cleaning, long showers, baths, laundry. 

-Classic automobiles.  What beauty and style!  Mobile art.  I wish cars these days  had some orginality to them.  People like The Spouse are the problem.  I asked if I could get a two tone Batmobile with white walls and was denied.  Killjoy.

-Television.  Oh, television.  You are my very best friend.  You have traveled with me on my journey across country and overseas.  The Friends I had in college were the Friends I had in Saipan and the Friends I had in DC.  You inspired my career (mwah to you, Schoolhouse Rock) and kept me company when I was sick at home (I love you, too, Bob Barker even if you are a sorta crazy vegan).

-I'm a complete bitch. {shrug} It's true, I am.  When I was growing up, I wanted to be someone that was well liked and got along with people, but that is so not in my true nature.  I have very strong opinions and share them.  I don't like certain people/things/situations and I tell them so.  People don't always like me (though, truth me told, most of those people suck).  I made peace with that part of me and now I'm grateful for it.  My bitchiness protected me from peer pressure and dangerous situations. If I felt uncomfortable doing something, I said no.  I stand up for myself and my beliefs and that is a good thing - most of the time. 

-I'm tall.  Similar to the above, when I was growing up I really wanted to be petite and cute but I was always head and shoulders above everyone - especially in middle school.  I topped out at 6' and things turned around in college.  Now, I wouldn't change it for anything (it helps that pants are now widely available in long lengths).  It's nice to be able to see over people's heads.


-Sarcasm.  98% of my personality is based on sarcasm, the rest is based on pop culture mixed with sarcasm.

- Toilet Paper.  In the olden days, people used to wipe their bums with corncobs.  Can you imagine heading to the out house in the dead of winter to take a dump, then having to wipe your shit with a frozen corncob?  No siree!  Thank you, Mr. Whipple, for asking us not to squeeze the Charmin.

That's it for today.  I'm thankful for my job and now that lunch break is over, time to get back to working.

*Thanks to jonskindzier

Thursday, November 3, 2011

This week has been so busy, it feels like I'm working on the Hill again.  It reminds me why I love my career. 

I'm a fighter.  I'm stubborn and get angry and lose my temper.  I love it when I'm engaged in a good debate on an issue.  I love hurling grenades and having them tossed back at me.  I can so relate to Rod, "See, that's the difference between us.  You think we're fighting, I think we're finally talking."  I probably would have been a good campaigner, but I was always afraid that I wouldn't get paid.  Maybe I should be a talking head.  Hmm... must ponder.

Anyway, in conclusion, my temperment may make me a good lobbyist, but I can be hard to live with.  Thanks, honey!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

My new favorite product

This K-PAK Color Therapy Restorative Styling Oil was in my Allure big box of beauty.  I was apprehensive about trying it at first - hello, it's a leave in oil - but am now a true believer!  I put a tiny amount on my hand then run through my wet hair.  My hair blows out super smooth and soft or air dries looking shiny and healthy.  Very happy with it!  Thanks Allure!

*Please note that while I have posted pics things I love, I have gotten paid exactly bupkis.  There, are you happy FCC?*