Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Fashion Fail

This morning was a rush to get the Batcave ready for a would-be buyer to take a second look at it, get myself and Robin dressed, drop Robin at preschool, and get Sally and Leo to doggie daycamp.  Somewhere in there, my outfit for the day fell apart.

My pants are too short.  They are about eight years old and I have to doubt that they were ever long enough, but I'm 6' and it's impossible to find suit pants that are long enough.  That is why I secretly replaced all of my black suit pants with Gap Premium Black pants.  Except this suit is heather gray and really needs to be donated.  But I needed light gray pants, not a dark charcoal gray, and therefore am wearing pants that are too short.

Also, I have to question the wisdom of wearing black knowing that the dogs needed to be walked, transported and delivered to DD.  Dumb, dumb, dumb.  I'm covered in slobber and fur and had to pick up two ginormous monster shits.

On the bright side, it's Thursday.  TV is back!  Son of a bitch, it's only Wednesday!

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