Monday, January 14, 2013

Busy work

Robin and I got a stomach virus so we stayed home from school/work on Thursday and Friday.  Thursday was fine, but by Friday I had emptied my bag of tricks.  I was too weak/tired/sick to entertain him, and he wasn't sick enough to lay on the couch and watch tv with me.

Out of desperation for something to occupy the kid, I gave him a bucket, a scraper, and a sponge and let him go crazy in the master bathroom.  He stayed busy stripping wallpaper for THREE HOURS.  Three hours, people!!!! He worked for two hours, had lunch and rest time, then asked if he could get back to work.  Um, sure kid.  Knock yourself out.  Sure, the bathroom had standing water and was a mess, but the kid was stripping wallpaper.  I could rent this kid out!

Batman and I helped Robin finish the job on Sunday.  We were proud of ourselves, but Tommy Lee Jones was not impressed with our lack of attention to detail.

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