Tuesday, January 28, 2014

SOTU to you, too!

Here's my blow by blow of the evening:

In my pjs, have the laptop, cookies in the oven...it's time. Bring it on, Barack Obama#SOTU

  • The ceremonial entering of the Cabinet.

  •  Michelle's dress looks comfy. I could sit in that for an hour.

  •  But, ugh, the lack of legroom in her seat.

  • Queen Sheila in the House! Love that pink.

  • H2 lost the SOTU privileges and had to go to bed. He's a much better political buddy than H1.

  • Sister Wife: You are psycho!

  •  If by that you mean awesome, then yes, I am!

  • Female Engineer Friend:  Mary Barra is sitting right behind her. Go GM! Women CEOs rule.

  • Willie Robertson!

    The green tie sets of Boehner's orange. He looks sharp. Biden looks blue in comparison. Point to Boehner.

  • Sister Wife: Nope, meant psycho. Still love ya though and look forward to reading tomorrow the play by play and who wore what best

  •  Hey, Jim Costa! Repping the Central Valley. What, no Jeff Denham?

  •  Look at Ruth Ginsberg's lace collar. She's so cute!

  • Now that I see the three of them up there, Biden's navy suit is washed out. Nope. Should have worn black.

  •  Go FARM BILL!!!

  • Stand up, sit down, fight, fight, fight!

  •  Lots of empty seats tonight. People keeping their distance. Shall I remind them that the US Constitution states the President must report to Congress on the SOTU? It's their job to sit through this.

  •  Is that navy? It looks cobalt.

  • Oh, Paul Ryan, how I miss your ears. They remind me of my Granddad.

  • Fellow Californian Expat: It's navy... cobalt means your tv is stuck in the 90s

  • Sorority Sister weighing in from the West Coast:  I'm not watching but I hear Obama gave another shout out to Boner, which means he'll be crying for the next week at least.

  •  Me, "There's Sen. Feinstein. I used to work for her." Batman, "Back in the 1900s?" Me, feeling ancient, "yes..."

  •  Cantor appears in need of a poop.

  •  Do you think John Kerry is sitting there thinking of the speech HE would have given?

  •  I make pitifully little money for being a high powered Washington lobbyist.

  •  But I'm not making minimum wage nor raising my family in poverty...

  • Robin was down throwing a fit because he smelled the cookies but couldn't have any. I'm a horrible parent.
  • Cathy McMorris Rogers is an amazing woman. I don't agree with her politics or what she's wearing tonight, but she's accomplished more than I ever will.

  • Apparently, Cathy's parents talk like Kenneth from 30 Rock.
  • Eh, I'm not sure my job gives me dignity.
  • See, Spouse, she can have three kids and a high powered job...we are such underachievers.

ABC isn't covering the Tea Party rebuttal.  Aw crap, it's snowing again.

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