Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Hey, loyal subjects!

I closed on my business in late February and have been busy expanding my dictatorship.  There have been some good, some bad, and some ugly moments. There have been many sleepless nights worrying how I will make payroll and rent.  There have been arguments with the power company over why can't I pay a $1,000 deposit over several months the way the gas company is allowing me to.

This blog isn't a business blog, and I've wondered whether I should start one.  I haven't - yet.  But I have left AWSoP (pronounced Ah,whas up!) unattended for several months now.  Apologies to you all, but my time and energy have been sucked up by the new venture.  And little league. Always a freaking little league game.

Love to you all -

Benevolent Dictator

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