Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Conversations about Death

Batman caught us off-guard last week by asking what will happen to him and Robin if we die.  The Spouse blanched and launched into a talk on Heaven, and Batman corrected him by reiterating that he wanted to know what would happen to the kids if we died.  Frankly, I think The Spouse should consider himself lucky it wasn't a conversation about how babies are made. 

I explained to Batman that he and Robin would go live with Aunt Boo and Uncle Cell Phone.  Mimi would  take them to the land of Oz, and stay with them for a little while until they got used to it.  Furthermore, Sally and Leo would move with them, so they wouldn't have to leave them behind. 

This led to a discussion about what would happen to us when we died.  We talked about Heaven, and seeing family and friends again.  I told him that I would be with Roxanne the Wonder Dog, meeting her at the all-you-can-eat Milk Bone bar.  And Daddy and I would always watch over the two of them.  Batman corrected us and told us that we would be on a planet in outer space, which led me to wonder if he had been reading the Book of Mormon...

Eventually, Batman realized that if they were living with Aunt Boo and Uncle Cell Phone, then Gus would be their big brother.  And he has awesome toys.  So when *would* we die? 

I slept with one eye open. 

Mostly because Batman and Robin and Sally had me up that night.

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