Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Last night, we took the superheroes to get their feet measured and hair cut. The Spouse was in A Mood and told me, "I had things I planned to do tonight, can't you go some other time?"  I responded, "Oh, because of all the quality time I'm spending with the kids lately?"  The snippy tone and dirty ass look I suppose reminded him that I worked all day, unlike some people, and have had the kids all weekend on my own.  (The Spouse works many long and bizarre hours and hasn't been around much in the past nine or so months.)  So he wisely loaded up the kids and we went to the mall, to Stride Rite and Cartoon Cuts. 

I usually cut the kids hair at home.  (Hair would have been my back up profession.  I played with my Barbies hair until, oh, maybe last week.)  We expected Robin to fight like a wildcat, like he does at home when I try to cut his hair.  It was the first time we've taken Robin somewhere, and only the third time for Batman. Nope, sat quietly and watched the Lion King.  $40 for the two boys.   I need to buy some large clippers and maybe a new DVD, and I'll see if that distracts Robin the next time he's due for a trim.  I can't shell out $40 for the boys for haircuts every 6-8 weeks.  That's more than I spend on my hair in a year. 


It's a math thing.

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