Wednesday, June 15, 2011

My School-ager

Batman's new backpack arrived yesterday.  He was so excited and could not stop grinning.  He was thrilled that it was camo - even if it was only blue camo and not green camo.  He loved his initials.  He loved the pockets.  He kept putting it on to model and showing us what he will look like when he is a "school-ager" (his term).  So cute.  So very very cute.  Last night, he stuffed it full of toys to take to school today.  I had to override him on some, but his classroom is getting cleaned out for the summer camp group starting next week, so they are allowed to bring in their own toys this week.  I managed to cram his lunch in there somehow.  He looked so big going off to school today.  His classmates were not as excited about it, but they can bite me.  He was adorable.  I need to get a picture.

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