Thursday, June 23, 2011

To the Batmobile

It's not that I don't like personalized license plates, I do.  I like to sit in traffic and unravel what they say.  I like to recognize assholes that cut me off over and over again.  I like unique and clever word puzzles.  I like white Rabbits marked, "IM LATE."

Virginia is a great state for plate reading.  The state knows it has a good thing going for it, and it keeps fees low so people will continue buying/renewing them.  Over the years, I have contemplated several personalized plates.  "FAT DOG" and "MY ROX" were taken.  Somewhere out there in the great Commonwealth of Virginia, there are cars with plates that read, "CSUC" "CHICO ST" "BARBIE" and "CA GIRL" (and "CA GURL").  Everything that I've been interested in has been taken.

Last year, when I got the new car, the superheroes rallied around it.  It became their Batmobile.  They have a special nickname for it, and whenever we head to the car (daily and/or multiple times per day) they put their hands in the air and yell, "To the Batmobile."  So, this afternoon, when I renewed my registration, I scooped up BATMOBILE (or a facsimile thereof).  One day, it will embarrass them, but today is not that day.  I will enjoy my children while they are young.

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