Wednesday, June 26, 2013

A Shitty Problem

The Spouse will not let me get one of these:

No Dog Pooping Sign

I think they are hilarious and practical.  A two-fer, if you will.  I love two-fers.  Alas, The Spouse does not want us to be "those people" in the neighborhood.  My rebuttal is that we are indeed "those people" and the sooner we let our freak flag fly, the better for all.

Anyhoo, our neighbors do not have a fenced backyard.  They walk their dogs on a leash, but the dogs have been known to forget where the boundary is on our side lawn and do their business.  Eventually, it gets picked up, mostly on (their) lawn mowing days.  Still, it's aggravating when I'm trying to get my lady-time gardening accomplished and there is a huge pile of shit in my way (they are big dogs).  I think the sign could be an effective passive-aggressive way to let them know that I am onto them.  At the very least, I think this would work:

Dog Waste Threat Leash Dog Sign

It runs in the family.  My mom got into an argument at an estate sale earlier this year because a woman didn't pick up after her dog. It culminated in my mother yelling, "BITCH!!" across the lawn after the woman refused to clean up after her dog.  This would be a great story about our family legacy of fighting injustice, except that 7 year old Batman was standing right next to her at the time, wondering if Mimi was going to come to blows with a stranger.  I kindly explained to Mom that my intolerance for assholes has only been curbed by my not wanting to frighten my kids and could she try to remember that for next time?

A campaign has started in the UK (United Kingdom, not University of Kentucky) to encourage owners to pick up after their pooches.  The poster (below) is disgusting and pointed and I think it's excellent.  Hope it works.

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