Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Oh Hell NO!

The Spouse thinks that we have enough junk in our house at the moment and I need to focus on downsizing vs. acquiring.

Say what?

Not everything that is in our house will stay in our house.  Some things are in the wrong rooms.  Some things need a coat of paint or an adjustment to be just perfect.  Some things are treasures that I cannot/will not get rid of.  Some things are crap that I need to get rid of.

I have an eye for stuff but not an eye for design.  I can see the possibilities, I just can't pull the room together.   I realized my design deficiency in college, when other girls had awesome dorm rooms decorated with Guess ads and Monet posters.  I had the same things, but not the same eye for pulling them together.  Where others created cozy spots, I created chaos.

It will be years until Wayne Manor is "done".  It needs some serious repairs until we can begin to address some of the more cosmetic things.  Until then, we're going to have a house filled with more junk than we can handle.

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