Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Today is going to be copy day

I'm a lemming today, nothing original here just copying and pasting links to others.

But, if you want something to read, check out Rants from Mommyland about donating school supplies.  I've been doing it since before I had kids.  It combines my love of school supplies with my shopping problem multiplied by my obsession with bargains.  Glue for $.01 - who could resist?!?

You know what?  You don't even need to go to the link, just buy supplies and donate to your nearest school, church, food bank, or homeless shelter.  They will make sure it gets where it's needed.

Thank you!

( one will judge if you smell those #2 Ticonderogas before you drop them off.  Oh yeah, that's the good stuff...)

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