Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Baby let's cruise, away from here...

I really really really want to take a (nuclear) family vacation this year.  We haven't taken a family trip together since we went to Assateague/Chincoteague when I was pregnant with Robin.

My family is spread over the U.S. and The Spouse is from the midwest.  Most of our vacation time and money is spent visiting family.  More specifically, I want to take a cruise. I'm so wiped out juggling 1.25 jobs, 2 kids, 2 dogs, and my husband's works schedule.   I'm a cruising virgin, so I'm doing my research on various cruise lines and programs.

The Spouse isn't completely sold on a cruise.  He's afraid of the unkown, afraid he's going to hate the ship, afraid the rooms/beds will be too small for we giants, afraid that the other people on the cruise will be elderly and lame, afraid that the other people on the cruise might be cool and awesome and I would force him to make friends.  Lots of fears, people!

I think The Spouse would prefer to go to Rehobeth for a week.  Here's my fantasy of a Rehobeth vacation this year:

-We drive the 3+ hours there in horrible traffic.  Stay 2-3 blocks from the beach and have to schlep our kids and assorted crap to and from the beach.  Our kids only want to go to kiddieland and throw tantrums when they have to go anywhere else.  We have to chase them around the beach during daytime hours.  We have no sitter, so all meals are at kid friendly places and at a speedy pace.
-Plus, we need to book two months ago.

Here's my fantasy of a cruise:

-We drive to the Port of Baltimore and park the car.  (I've been eyeing Carnival Cruise, seems to have the best prices and kids program.)  We can drop our kids off at the kids club in the morning and afternoon during days at sea (3 days).  We eat meals together, go to the pool together, nap together, plus family appropriate shows and activities.  We spend a day at Cape Canaveril, a day at Atlantis, a half day on the beach in various ports of call.  The Spouse and I get to eat a few meals together, alone, while the Dynamic Duo are at kids club, and whatever else it is that we used to do before the superheroes came along...

Cost of Rehobeth vacation would be considerably less than a 7 day cruise in August.  Cruises can be found inexpensively the rest of the year, but between The Spouse's work schedule, my work (and business) schedule, and Batman starting public school next year, I don't know that there is a better time for us to cruise. 

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