Monday, April 25, 2011

Can we use college funds for therapy?

The Spouse worked over the weekend, so it was me and the Dynamic Duo for two days straight.  Saturday morning, we went to the church Easter Egg hunt.  It was well run, and so much nicer than the clusterfuck near riot egg hunt the HOA held last year.  Both kids got several eggs and won big prizes (Robin - big first place chocolate bunny, Batman - slightly smaller second place bunny) and Robin is still talking it about (egg hunt, saw bunny, CHOC-O-LOT) to everyone he sees.  We went out to a fancy sit down lunch (KFC Bell), then home for naptime. 

At 4pm, the photographer ( showed up.  For 1.5 hours, we followed the boys as they played at the playground, ran around a baseball field and basketball court, searched for dinosaur tracks, and were silly.  I'm hoping we got some good shots of them. 

We went home, changed clothes, and had a snack.  We agreed that we would watch part of The Wizard of Oz, then eat dinner, then watch Tangled.  We would finish WOZ on Sunday. 

Batman passed out by 6:30.  Robin and I made pudding (CHOC-O-LOT), then ate dinner and had pudding (with cweem, mommy, CWEEM!  I do myself!) and whipped cream.  Batman woke up at 8:30, just as The Spouse was getting ready to leave for work.  He ate a bowl of yogurt, then went to bed.  I was very surprised, but happy.  I ready for awhile, to ensure that he was really asleep, then got the Easter eggs stuffed and baskets filled.  I was debating where to leave them.  Batman wakes up about an hour before Robin does.  I knew if I left the baskets on the kitchen table, like I did last year, Batman would open his and Robin's and eat all the candy.  I decided to put them in the basement.  I gated the down stairs and went to bed.

In the morning, I woke up to Robin demanding I read him a story.  I drug myself out of bed and retrieved him from his crib.  I was changing his diaper when Batman came in with tears streaming down his face.

"Mommy, I have some bad news."
"What's the matter?" Oh crap, did the tv die?  Is the playstation broken?  What could make him cry like that this early in the morning?

"The Easter Bunny didn't come."  Sob, cry, tears, snot, etc.

In my head, "OH SHIT!!"  Aloud, "I'm so sorry.  Why don't you come downstairs with me while I let the dogs out?" "No."  "Oh, come on" "NO." for another five minutes.

Finally, we all went down to the basment, as Sally and Leo crossed their legs and barked in desperation.  "MOMMY, LOOK!!!"  And so Easter morning was saved.  At least, until Batman snuck his Easter basket out of the kitchen and into the living room while I was getting dressed for church.  He would have gotten away with it, too, if it hadn't been for those meddling dogs.  He tattled that they ate all his chocolate.  So he got in trouble for sneaking the basket AND for giving chocolate to the dogs.  Luckily, I went easy on the candy this year and stuffed the eggs with legos and hot wheels.

The rest of Easter was uneventful.  We went to church and bagels for lunch.  I finished my book while Robin napped.  We played with neighbors in the afternoon.  Early baths, then tv in the basement while severe thunderstorms rolled through.  Finally, bedtime. 

The Easter Egg hunt at school was postponed due to rain, so even MORE candy and chocolate today.  Groan. 

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