Friday, April 8, 2011

DC is eerily quiet and still today.  It's as if everyone is sitting inside, huddled around a tv, waiting to see if we get a budget.  Saving for a rainy day hits home when it's pouring on the last day your husband might get paid for awhile. 

The Spouse is essential staff, so he will still go to work.  However, he won't get paid until this entire mess is worked out.  And no guarantee of back pay.  Our stupid congressman, Jim Moran, is spouting off that people won't get back pay.  They have in every other shutdown, so we're optimistic.  I'm a firm Dem, but have no idea how that man keeps getting elected.  I digress.

I am seriously torn between my desire/lust/longing for my "government shutdown commute" and my desire/greed/longing for my husband to gather a paycheck.

I was going to chop my hair this weekend, but waited too long to schedule an appt, so I'm a sister wife for another week at least. 

The boys have a photo shoot in two weeks and The Spouse has to work, so I'm not planning on it being a family shoot.  But I feel like I should make an effort to look nice, in case I get pulled into the shots.  I think we are just going to do it at the school playground/park across the street.  The boys can play and run around.  Not as scenic as I'd like, but I'm too tired and worn out to put any more effort into this than necessary.

Busy weekend ahead.  JCP is coming to fix our recliner tomorrow.  Soft play class and karate.  Drop boxes of shred stuff off at the county shredding event.  I need to redeem a Groupon at the butcher and hopefully get a pedicure.  Robin has a birthday party Sunday morning, then I am redeeming a Groupon for a massage and facial.  And a nap, at some point, I hope

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