Monday, April 18, 2011

I spent the first part of my lunch hour getting my 'pits lasered.  I don't love doing it.  It hurts a bit more than waxing.  And there's the burnt hair smell.  However, the sting dissipates within 30 minutes and it's permanent.  This was my second session, and I noticed a big difference after the first.  It's not fun, but if I don't have to shave for the rest of my life, it's worth it.  I would consider doing my biniki area and possibly my face (but my facial hair is blond and it doesn't work well on light hair.)  Not sure if I could handle the pain of doing my legs.  That's a lot of area to get done.

After ignoring the dogs' tornado warning last week, I ordered a weather radio today.  It's allegedly programmable, so I will only get warnings for Fairfax County.  Fingers crossed.

As of Saturday, Batman is officially 5.5 years old. 

It really bugs me when people say "Nuh-vah-da."  That's not how you pronounce it.  Nor is the state of my birth "Or-gone."  Really, really bugs me.  No, actually, I was born in "Orey-gun." 

We spent 1.5 hours with the kitchen lady on Saturday, going over swatches.  It's a step forward.  Now we wait for the estimate to see if we can afford our tastes.

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