Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Kitchen remodel

Today is the longest day ever.  Ok, not as long as my 8th grade science class, but close (apologies to Mr. Kinnear.)  The humidity has broken.  It's still in the 90's, but a much drier heat.  I want to be outside!

I took the Dynamic Duo to the dentist this morning.  Batman has no cavities.  Neither does Robin, but he does have an anomoly of weak enamal on his tooth that has to be filled.  Coincidentally, so does Sally.  Hmm.  So, like Sally, Robin will need to go in for a filling.  I'm hoping The Spouse can do it.  Not that I'll be all emotional about my baby getting gassed, more like I don't want to deal with the screaming before/after.  I took two kids to the dentist today, the least he can do is take one for the follow up.

Following the appointment, I took the kids to an early (for me), dropped them off at school, and came in to the office.  I'm used to having my hour lunch to read, go for a walk, and get away from C-SPAN.  Gah!!  I'm losing my mind.  Only 1.5 hours to go.

Our kitchen remodel begins Thursday.  We still have a bit to pack up in the kitchen, but I would say we are over halfway there.  We have moved the china cabinet and bookshelf.  Tonight we will move the microwave cart and pack up the dishes (and pick up the new microwave).  Tomorrow night, we will do whatever is left.  I'm not looking forward to the process, but I am looking forward to a more functional kitchen.  We have been told it will take four weeks.

Our townhouse is a piece of shit.  The builders did not have a buyer for it prior to completion, so it was not upgraded at all.  It has a poor layout, awkward angles, and dead space.  When you combine that with builder grade materials, you get a piece of shit. 

This week marks our eight year anniversary of living in the POS.  Why have we been there that long?  The neighborhood is good, with excellent amenities.  It's close to stores, daycare, The Spouse's office, the freeway.  But, most importantly, it's cheap.  We bought it before we had kids, and just before the market really took off.  We are one of our few neighbors that is not underwater in our mortgage (thank you, God!).  We are lazy.  We could sell it and buy a SFH, but we would have to do a ton of cleaning and maintainence on a larger, more demanding home(see: We are lazy).  Someday, we will move but for now we live in our cheap POS.  We spend our leftover (small amount - two kids in daycare) money taking vacations.  We visit our families.  We buy new clothes.  We bought the Batmobile last year.  These are all things we couldn't do if we bought a large SFH.  This is a crazy thought in America in this age, but we live below our means.  However, we foresee the day that we will sell or rent out the POS townhouse, and we are updating/upgrading it tpward that goal.  The kitchen is the first (and largest) step.  We hope to get to enjoy it for a few years before we move. 

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