Friday, July 29, 2011

Fry day

What I brought for my morning snack this morning: Strawberry Greek yogurt.

What I ate for my snack this morning: pack of M&Ms. 

Our house is completely torn apart.  The kitchen renovation forced us to put our crap elsewhere, and it has overtaken every other bit of room in our house.  Demolition was yesterday.  There are slivers of wood and staples on the floor of every room.  Thank goodness I hate to be barefoot.  I always wear shoes.  Forced the children to wear shoes.  They were not happy. 

Further evidence that our townhouse is a POS: When the drywall was pulled off the walls in the kitchen, it was discovered that the builder put all his trash behind the walls.  Drywall, papers, leftover wire, junk. It was next to exposed wiring and a fire hazard.

I knew ahead of time that the contractors would using our bathrooms, but I found one of my books in the powder room last night. It wasn't there yesterday morning. I shuddered in horror. Thankfully, I was finished with it. Might as well leave it in there so they don't take another. Maybe that's judgy and snobbish but I don't go to other people's homes and take one of their books into the crapper to read while I take a dump.  Am I the only one?

The kids are pissed because there is a ton of our junk and a tall kitchen cabinet that have been put in front of the TV.  We can't reach the cabinet to open it up, so they can't watch TV.  Also, we took them to The Diet Coke Store (McDs) last night and REFUSED TO LET THEM GET A TOY!  And no dessert.  And they had to eat fruit.  At The Diet Coke Store.  The horror.  It's inhumane, and I expect them to call Amnesty International any day now. 
Our cabinets were supposed to be framed and hung today, but since the drywall was taken down, it was decided that the electrician needed to come first and rough in the wiring.  And they don't know if that will happen today.  So, great, a weekend of cabinets in the living room and no TV. Great.  What am I supposed to do with the children???

Other things that happened yesterday:

-Trips to book store, used book store, and library.
-Two trips to the neighborhood nursery for plants.
-Got the Batmobile inspected.
-Got massage.
-Toy store for some gift closet things.
-Had lunch with The Spouse.
-While I technically had a vacation day, my boss forgot I was out of the office and emailed me all day with stuff, which I responded to and took care of.  Until it was time to attend a 3pm meeting.  Then he was not happy I took such a long lunch.

The heat and ungodly humidity is back just in time for the weekend.

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