Thursday, July 14, 2011

Photo shoot

I bought a Groupon for a photo shoot (I know, I know) hoping for the best but expecting the worst.  Robin gives the camera a stink eye every. single. time. he gets his photo taken.  It's just a part of his personality.  Batman grew up watching America's Next Top Model, so he knows to capture the light and smize at the camera. 

I had high hopes that having a photographer follow the children around for 1.5 hours would give me a pretty good selection to choose from - and it did.  For Batman.  Poor little Robin just doesn't have "it".  He will never be a finalist on ANTM. 

(all rights to these photos have been purchased by me, and I have the sole authority to authorize their use - MOM! - so don't copy/paste/photoshop/otherwise use without my explicit permission.)

I had some serious sister wife hair at the time of the shoot, and I miss it.  Not loving my suburban soccer mom 'do.

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