Monday, November 7, 2011


My dad arrived Saturday morning and the Superheroes are beside themselves.  They have decided instead of calling him "Grandpa" they will call him "Gramps" because it's less work.  Whatever floats your boats.  My dad is doing alright after 48 hours of small children, but I think he was relieved when we all left him alone today.

Gramps and I took the boys to Mount Vernon yesterday.  They loved it, as expected.  They always have such a wonderful time there, mostly because they can pretty much run, jump, play wherever (within reason).  In all the times we have been since we had children, we haven't taken them in the mansion.  That's ok, gives them something to look forward to. 

It was an amazing fall day.  They rolled down the hill behind the house, dug in dirt, threw rocks in the Potomac, went on a "nature walk" through the forest on the way back up the hill, and Robin had a really nasty diaper changed next to the cow pasture (had to be done ASAP and there wasn't anywhere else to do it).  The boys were filthy, hungry, and tired, so we ate lunch at the food court before we went through the museum.  I'm amazed that they enjoy it as much as they do, and that's a testment to the Ladies of Mount Vernon. 

We are now the proud holders of annual passes. My hope is that we go at least once before they expire, then they will have paid for themselves. As we were leaving, we saw a minivan with Virginia plates and a Chico State alum frame holder.  Crazy.  What are the odds?

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