Monday, March 19, 2012


A good portion of my Facebook page and Twitter feed this morning has been consumed with the announcement that Peyton Manning is going to Denver to play for the Broncos.  Comments vary from those that love the Broncos but hate Manning, those that love Manning but hate the Broncos, those that hate both Manning and the Broncos, those that are pissed Manning didn't choose their team (Raiders fans, looking at you), and those that don't really care but feel compelled to comment because this is big NFL news (me).

Despite all the concerns voiced by Tim Tebow fans, this actually makes a lot of sense.  Tebow will be taken in the Rapture, which will happen prior to the end of the world in December (per the Mayan calendar).  The Broncos are doing the smart thing by signing someone to lead the team in his absence.  After all, no one knows when the Rapture will happen - right, Harold Camping?  


  1. I didn't even consider the implications of the Rapture!!! How clever of you!! I would let you pick my fantasy football team any day...if I cared enough to have one (or if the prizes were big enough).

    1. I look at the big picture, it's what makes me an excellent dictator.