Thursday, March 8, 2012

Run for your lives!

Norovirus is holding the Washington, DC, region in a state of terror.  Schools have been closed, hand sanitizer has flown off store shelves, the nightly news runs regular updates on the current status.  So, of course, Batman came down with it.  We hate to miss a good infestation.  

I was home with him Monday and Wednesday, and The Spouse covered Tuesday.  Thankfully, he's back at school today.  I'm way behind on work, just stopping in to yell, "The Sky is Falling!!"


  1. Matthew had that when we lived in Baltimore. Twice. It was a pretty horrifying scene. My heart (and Purell) goes out to you.

    1. Batman and I had it bad when he was 15 months old. We thought we were better, so we flew to CA. We were wrong and carried it with us. Our infestation made CNN. We were proud.