Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Migrating Herds

The annual migration to Washington, DC, has begun.  In a tradition familiar to watchers of the National Geographic channel, Americans of all races, states, and economic means load up the family truckster and schools cram dozens of sweaty 8th graders into buses.  Educational spring break trips to Washington are underway. 

Itineraries will include a visit to the Capitol and (probably) a meeting with an elected representative, the Washington Monument, a cruise past the White House, and a visit to at least one Smithsonian Institution - all so the kids can claim the highlight of the trip was shopping at Pentagon City mall and ordering room service.

We locals curse the traffic (my commute time has doubled, ugh) but thank those that spend their hard earned money in our region.  Gotta run.  Time to watch tourists play Frogger on Henry Bacon Drive!


  1. Oh, how I don't miss that, in DC and in're right though, the DC tourists are on a schedule -- even more predictable than the cherry blossoms.

    Matthew and I were running on the mall one time, and a huge gaggle of middle-schoolers were walking toward us on the path, the whole way across. We kept running toward them, and they didn't budge...until we got right up to them and Matthew yelled really loudly "MOVE!!!" and a bunch of girls got all wide-eyed and shrieked and ducked out of our way. I said they probably went home and told everyone that some creepy guy almost attacked them and they were lucky to escape with their lives, and it was likely the most exciting part of their trip.

  2. I went on an educational school trip to DC back in the day! And from it I distinctly remember eating a hot dog from a street vender, getting into a big hissy tween girl fight with my roommates, and being horribly upset about not having packed any shoes besides my sneakers to go with my yellow dress.

    Yay America!!