Thursday, June 7, 2012

Where the Hell is Jill?

Here is where I've been, because I sure as hell haven't been here (at least last week, this week, probably the next few weeks):

  • Storming the Castle - The little fucker Bane is still hitting Batman and recruiting friends to hit him, too.  The Spouse and I have stormed the front office in a show of force and are now reviewing every aspect of our lives (summer camp, play dates, martial arts classes).  It's time consuming.
  • Watching the C-SPAN 2 - It's not the greatest Farm Bill, and likely not the "real" Farm Bill, but it is a Farm Bill, it is being debated, and it is my job to watch.  History in the making, kids.
  • Talking to our Mortgage Guy - Asking questions, getting answers, becoming more freaked out.  
  • Being woken up by Robin every five minutes during a three hour period the other night.  He is currently my least favorite child.  How does you not being able to sleep become my problem?  Oh, yeah, right, you're three.  I guess it IS my problem.  Fuck.
  • Trying to pack a box here and there.  My time frame for listing the house has really slipped, but I'd like to get it done sometime before the kids leave for college.

1 comment:

  1. I fully 100% support the "so YOU not being able to sleep is my problem why??" agenda. I too have those nights (and weeks and years). You poor poor thing. Hopefully it's VERY a short lived phase, that he gets over all by himself stat. And if not, there's always the codeine spiked tylenol from the last doctor's visit.