Thursday, June 14, 2012

WTF is wrong with people?

I was hassled Tuesday night as the kids and I were leaving the polling place.

The woman handing out the Republican sample ballot asked me if I needed one. I declined (note: I also don't take the Dems sample ballot. I work in politics and policy and do my homework before I get there.  I resent the implication that people are too stupid to know how to vote if left to their own devices.  Of course, most people are, but I digress...) and she said she was surprised I wasn't a Republican because of the boys and that good mother would care about their future. I replied that I did care about their futures and that's why I vote for responsible energy, environmental, and job policies. She began yelling after me as the boys and I walked through the parking lot. Sheesh, what the fuck lady?!?  I showed up to vote in a freakin' primary.

This prompted a ton of questions from Batman about whether he was a D or an R. I told him that we are all Americans but that Republicans and Democrats want the government to help people in different ways, just like our friends who go to different churches because they support GOD differently than we do. He pressed again whether he would grow up to be a Democrat or a Republican.  I said that I very much hoped he would be a Democrat, because that's what Mommy believes, but I will still love him if he were a Republican (but maybe not if he's an asshole that yells at people outside the polling place.)


  1. *sigh*
    decent human beings are hard to find some days.

    (I started to post a semi-related rant, but then it quickly became blog length material, so I'll just it up there instead :-p)

  2. oh! and I REALLY liked the part about how you'll still love him even if he's a republican, but maybe not if he's an asshole.