Monday, November 8, 2010

Sadly, my parasitic twin seems to be going away.  I was hoping an eyeball would pop out, then I could use it to threaten the children. 

I cut my weekend to the absolute basics.  I was completely spent after last week (month).  It did not help that we were out late at Happy Hour, then Robin was up Friday night with growing pains, Sally was thirsty, then Robin was up for the day at 6am.  I could feel The Rage setting in.  I took Batman to basketball, but Robin skipped soft play class.  We got drive through lunch, then home for naps.  The Spouse was asleep in our bed, so I tried to lay down with Batman, who was an overtired shit who locked me out of his room twice - all the while crying that he wanted me to sleep with him.  He let me sleep for 1.5 hours, then kicked me awake so I could fix his video game for him.  Oh, The Rage.  I turned it off completely, starting a howl from Batman that woke Robin.  Great.  I got Robin out of the crib and changed him, then cleaned the kitchen and living room.  Thankfully, we had a sitter and dinner with friends lined up.  It gave me a chance to recharge my batteries before doing a solo bedtime routine. Not to mention possibly saving the children from being psycologically damaged by Mean Mommy.

Thankfully, we all slept through the night on Saturday night.  I decided to skip church, due to the time change it was beginning just as Robin (and I) needed to nap.  I let Batman skip a nap, but he eventually came in to cuddle and sleep with me.  Robin and I slept for nearly four hours, Batman slept for about 1.5hrs.  I felt like a new person.  Took the dynamic duo to dinner then the grocery store and gas station.  I got some laundry done, and we can survive the week...maybe.

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