Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Some one line thoughts

The back of my neck is swollen and really hurts!  Worse today than yesterday.  I think it might be a parasitic twin coming to the surface.  Or maybe just a spider bite.

Good for San Francisco having a parade for straight people today!  Hasn't happened in many many years.

I'm so exhausted.

I forgot/was too tired to wash the superheroes laundry this weekend, and Batman had no clean pants this morning.  He went in a pair that was a size too large, with the waist cinched and cuffs rolled up twice.  Poor baby.

It was nice to watch the election results with my dad.  But I went to bed before the west coast results were in.  Stupid east coast time zone.

I need to finish painting the bathroom.  See above mention of exhaustion.

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