Wednesday, March 30, 2011

I'm ready for spring, and decided the only way to get it here faster was to buy sandals.  I ordered these and will see how these fit when they get here:

I tried to accomodate the wedge trend with mom/old lady comfort sandals (all the better to chase the Dynamic Duo in) and, of course, black to match everything in my closet.

No idea what the boys (or I!) will wear for Easter.  I'll probably dig a dress out of the closet, if the weather is nice.  If not, pants and twinset like every other week.  I really don't care for the Gymbo, Old Navy, or Children's Place spring lines this year.  Crazy 8 had two vests I liked, but sold out in the sizes I need.  I cruised ebay and it jogged my memory of some things I previously bought for the boys.  I'm going to check - hopefully tonight - to see what fits Robin, then try to buy Batman the larger size. 

I went awhile without shopping and now I'm snapping things up right and left. 

The teacher I lined up to watch my kids for a few months can't do it, so I'm scrambling to find someone else.  The school principal has a list and made a recommendation (which I find odd, because our other two schools refused to refer someone in case there is a problem.)  I called the woman but she is, of course, at work.  Left a message and hope she'll call me back. 

Traffic has been a nightmare lately.  Not helped that I'm driving the wagon into work these two weeks while my mom and The Spouse share the sedan.  Don't get me wrong.  I *love* the wagon and would drive it daily if it weren't for fuel economy concerns.  But as I sit and watch every tourist stop and stare at each individual cherry blossom, I can't help but think about how much gas I am burning.  Still cheaper than riding metro.  You hear me metro?  I'm referring to your suckiness.

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