Thursday, March 24, 2011

Surely make you lose your mind...

A quick rundown of life in the fast lane:

-I have lined up a teacher at the kids school to bring them home on evenings The Spouse worked the night before.  He's not getting enough sleep and it's affecting everything.
-It's very sad I have to hire a babysitter to watch the kids after they have been in daycare all day.
-I'm trying to line up a service to mow the lawn every other week.  I'm checking with neighbors and trying to get a group rate.  Waiting for an estimate now.
-Cannot understand why The Spouse is so opposed to me paying people to do things that benefit him...
-I called a handyman to look at our living room ceiling where the bathtub leaks into it.  For five years...
-A coworker is going through a tough situation.  I don't want to blab about it here, because I learned my lesson about being a ginormous douchebag (I hope) and am trying to edit myself on the internet.  But this will afftect my job/life/stressload in either the short or long term, depending on what exactly is wrong and the end decision.
-So, either way, I lose.  But so does this person, so I cannot be selfish about it.
-But I am.
-My mom arrives on Saturday for 2.5 weeks, which is a long time.  She's coming to help, and we certainly need help, but 2.5 weeks!?!
-The Dynamic Duo start their new weekend classes on Saturday.
-And we have a birthday party that afternoon.
-Which means I won't get a nap on Saturday, and Robin won't get much of one either.
-The Spouse lost the cap on his front tooth.  It's going to cost nearly $3,000 to get an implant, which won't be ready for another month or so.  There goes our flex fund for the year.  Not his fault, but ouch.  For him and our finances.
-I need to file our taxes and fill out paperwork for my business loan.  But I simply don't have the energy or motivation. 
-I am my own worst enemy and block to my professional success.
-Posh Spice is having a girl, after three boys.  I'm terribly jealous.  And wondering if they did IVF to try to get the girl she wanted?

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