Friday, February 3, 2012

Momma's Boy

This weekend we will be celebrating The Spouse's birthday.  How to celebrate the birthday of someone who really dislikes his birthday?  I've been trying to answer that question for the past 13 years.

My mother in law spoiled him for any future women by making him a special strawberry cake in special tiered heart shaped cake pans that had to be lined with waxed paper cut just so.  When we got engaged, she gave me the pans and the recipe and told me it was now my job to make the cake.  It was not fun.  Decidedly not fun.  But delicious.  When the Dynamic Duo joined the family, I got The Spouse to agree to new heart shaped pans.  They are not tiered but they are non-stick and don't have to be lined. It has made the job easier.  Easier = highly more likely he will get his cake on or near his birthday and not when I summon the energy to finally outline and cut the damned waxed paper.

Robin has been talking about this all week and can. not. wait. to help me make the cake (though he would prefer it be lemon, thankyouverymuch.)  He was rather disappointed when I told him this morning I would not be baking at the crack of dawn, and we would need to wait until after school/work to get started.  I'm a killjoy.

Lord, beer me strength.

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  1. I made heart cakes with ancient family heirloom heart shaped cake pans twice in January, thanks to Kristina's discovery of them and new found love of making heart cakes. And I felt exceptionally accomplished with my wax paper cutting skills.