Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Odds and Ends

What have I been up to when I haven't been here:

  • Taking my kids to basketball, soccer, Chuck E. Cheese, the dentist, a playdate/lunch with friends, and for haircuts.  
  • Visiting open houses.  No Wayne Manor yet, but lots of possibilities. Trying to figure out which neighborhood in Gotham City to settle on.
  • Tap dancing.  It was tough this week.  My legs were tired before I got there and it just made it worse.  
  • Getting junk/treasures ready for a consignment sale.
  • Walking a friend through cloth diapering, and being sad that my days of cloth diapering were over.  Silly, I know.
  • Cleaning up after vomiting dogs and a little boy who can't aim in the toilet.
  • Contemplating an anniversary trip with The Spouse.


  1. I'm just not sure which sounds more fun, Chuck E Cheese or dog vomit.... lucky, lucky you!

    1. The most awesome part is that the kid peed all over the bathroom while I was trying to deal with the dog vomit and get out of the house on a work/school day. Good times!

      But, yes, that was better than Chuck E Cheese.