Friday, February 17, 2012

My Fetish

I have a Barbie Fetish, have I mentioned that before?  Oh, how I love Barbie.  Many feminists despise her because they think she presents an unrealistic version of how women are expected to look and that girls will suffer because they will never live up to that ideal.  Me?  I loved Barbie when I was growing up because she could be whatever she wanted to be and was always properly attired.  Yes, it helps that I never struggled with my weight until recently, but I don't have any boobs to speak of and I'm still somewhat well adjusted.

Now that we have that out of the way, let's take a look at today's purchase, shall we?

Oh, yes.  I may not have the royal wedding tea towels or postage stamps, but I have the Royal Wedding Barbies on pre-order!


  1. I think you should have a special Barbie room in the new Wanye Manor, and then on the crappy days you can just go inside of it and be transported to a *very* happy place.

    Also, have you SEEN some of the newer fashion dolls? Barbie is now the least whore-ish girl in the pink toy block.

    1. A Barbie display room is my DREAM! If I win the lottery, you can bet your ass that my house will have a room devoted entirely to my Barbies, with a corner for me to style the ones that I allow to leave their boxes.