Friday, July 13, 2012

The Flakes that Don't Melt

I try not to write too much personal stuff about my kids because I don't want them to grow up and be horrified that I shared personal stuff with the interwebs then be asked about it in a job interview some day.  But I'm posting this anyway.

Today is crazy hair day at summer camp and Batman asked my opinion/help on what to do to his hair.  His hair was just long enough to need a hair cut (unlike Robin's crows nest on his head), so I suggested we shave it Mohawk style, using a #1 clipper attachment.  The Spouse was asleep in the basement or he would have shot down this idea, so I got out the cape, sheet for the floor, and clippers.

As I combed through Batman's hair, I realized he had a lot of...stuff in his hair.  Of course, I jumped to the lice/nits conclusion, then I realized it was just dandruff.  Lots and lots of dandruff.  How did this happen?  How did we not notice our kid had sores and yellowish scabs on his head?  Ugh.  It was gross, people.

Apparently, he's not doing a good job of washing his hair and I've been too preoccupied with folding laundry, herding Robin, or reading a book to notice.  I shaved his sides down, then threw him in the shower and dug out a container of Head and Shoulders.  He protested as I lathered him up and hosed him down, but it needed to be done.  I used the lice comb to comb out flakes after he dried off.

He still has a lot of flakes today, but it's better.  And his crazy hair is waxed and gelled out of control, but the kid is no Maddox or Kingston. Those kids can rock the Mohawk.

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