Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Home Improvement

The plan was to paint the Batcave the same color it is now (some crap off white color.)  But, since it looks like we'll have to live there awhile longer, I'm debating painting it a color I like.  Note: We have already ordered the new blinds based on the current paint color.  They will be a warm(ish) off white.

Classic Gray 1548 - Ben. Moore

Clay Beige OC-111

And Valspar Savory Beige, which I cannot find on its site.

In other news, this motherfucking Batcave will never get finished, listed, or sold.


  1. Aw, le sad. I was looking forward to reading all about the acquisition of Wayne Manor. Because you know, you should be totally considering my feelings in these sorts of decisions and all :-p

    1. I am not happy about this turn of events, either. The rest of the family is not helping in the process, and The Spouse is in denial that it's time to shit or get off the pot.