Monday, July 9, 2012

I Survived the Heat Wave of 2012

Y'all, the weather out here is just bizarre this year.  After a week of record setting heat, we had two storms roll through yesterday that cooled us down.  One launched a tornado yesterday afternoon.  Another hit in the middle of the night.  It woke me and the dogs up, but everyone else seemed to sleep through it.

Despite the heat, we had a pretty great 4th of July.  We took the Dynamic Duo to Mount Vernon and met up with a few of their friends from the Justice League.  They had a great time and we only lost one kid (Robin, and only for about two minutes.)  We listened to the band, ate snacks, checked out the Revolutionary War reenactors, rode a horse, watched the fireworks over the river, and sweated monkey balls.  It was HOT.  But fun.

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