Friday, July 27, 2012

Sadly, I270 is NOT on my commute

Budweiser Truck Spills 77,000 Pounds of Beer Onto Highway

Budweiser BeerAn 18-wheeler truck overturned in Maryland yesterday and in the process committed what is possibly the world's largest-ever party foul.

According to The Huffington Post, a truck overturned on interstate 270 and spilled hundreds of cases of beer, 77,000 pounds of Budweiser to be exact. Maryland state police explained the cause of the accident, saying that the truck overturned while, "trying to avoid debris on the highway when it rolled over near the Frederick-Montgomery County line around 4 a.m. Thursday."
The scene was chaotic, with hundreds of bright red Budweiser beer cases strewn across the highway and the shoulder. Unfortunately for commuters, the highway was closed during the morning rush while the beer spill was being cleaned, which was explained as an "extensive" process.

There's no word yet on what happened to the hundreds of cases that poured out of the 18-wheeler. Perhaps the cleaning crew got to head home with some souvenirs.

Though, it's probably not a good idea to celebrate my promotion by coming to work sloshed.

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