Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Bullet Gumbo

- My mom arrived Friday morning.  I took a half day and we had sushi for lunch, then home for naps.  Got goody bags and things ready for the party.

-The keyboard on my Droid 2 is shot, so I had a new (refurb) one shipped to me.  It won't charge the battery.  Another one is supposed to arrive tomorrow, but it was a pain in my ass to charge batteries on the old Droid and plug them into the new one. Even worse when I discovered this Saturday morning, and my cell number and email were given as contact info.  I had to drive into my office in DC before heading to the party venue in Woodbridge.

- Party was good, boys had a blast.  Great to see my friends and get to know parents of the kids' friends. 

-Had subsequent parties on Sunday and Monday.  Am now going through birthday cake withdrawals.

-Went shopping at Potomac Mills after the party.  I parked mom in fitting rooms and brought her clothes.  She got a much needed wardrobe update.  I got three pairs of shoes (but need to return one.)

-Was supposed to have a haircut on Friday, but stylist had to reschedule.  Had a massage/facial/mani/pedi scheduled for Sunday.  It was rescheduled until Monday.  Weirdest salon and took forever, so I left before my massage.  Glad it was a groupon deal so I didn't feel too cheated. 

-More shoe shopping in Old Town with my mom and Batman.  She tried on every pair of black shoes that Comfort One carried in her size.  I strongly considered these in black:

Before buying a different pair of Mary Janes.  I can't find a picture, which is too bad because they are cute. 

-The Spouse and I had a night at the Hotel Monaco in Old Town.  The hallway felt like The Shining.  We were both weirded out. 

We went out for tapas and multiple pitchers of sangria at La Tasca, then walked around Old Town, recalling when we were young and in love and lived there.  Then we whispered, "Come and play with us," over and over as we walked back to our room.

- Grocery shopping and laundry yesterday.  For having a long weekend, I am behind in my chores because I played.  Whatevs, it was a good weekend.

 - Spent a shitload of money, and ordered a bunch of stuff today to try on.  Pajama Jeans (and slims) are half price today with code "halfoff".  You will so thank me for them.  You're welcome!

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