Thursday, October 20, 2011

It's Beginning to look a lot like my mailbox

Yesterday was an exciting mail day for Batman, Robin, and me.  The new Lego catalog arrived for Batman, the Fisher-Price holiday catalog arrived for Robin, and the Barbie Collector catalog arrived for me!  Ordinarily, I would be super peeved that these catalogs arrived in October, just to get my kids riled up for the holidays, however it was the BARBIE catalog!!! (and American Girl.  Seriously, WTF?  But that's for another post on another day.)

The three of us sat at the kitchen table and poured over our catalogs in silence for several minutes - which in kid time is roughly equivalent to four adult hours.  It was beautiful.  Then we all began adding things to our Christmas lists.

Batman pouted that he can't have Lego sets for kids 7+.  It's not that I'm a stickler for the age guidelines, but I relented and let his Mimi get him a Lego Alien Invasion set for his birthday and it frustrated him (but did keep him quiet in his room for hours.  Again, in kid time, it's like we didn't see/hear from him for days.)  He finally relented and put a fire truck and the rest of the catalog some other things on his list. 

Robin kept asking for TRIO Batcave.  Not going to happen, kid.  Batman has a Batcave and you guys seldom play with it, so you can get over it.  But the Joker house is an option.  Maybe. 
After buying myself two Barbies for my birthday, I was leary of asking for another doll that will gather dust under the stairs. (Sidenote: I used to have them in the guest room and I would sit and admire them for the works of art they are.  But then we had Robin and Batman moved into the guest room and the Barbies moved to the basement.  Not that anyone but me cares about this migration.)  But I found two beautiful and practical items to add to my list.

A Barbie watch.  I had one once.  It was my "dress" watch for fancy occasions until I got thrown into a pool while wearing it and it never worked again. 
This watch would be super practical because it comes with multiple bands and faces.  Think of all the outfits I could mix and match with this watch.  The possibilities are endless. 

I also found this highly practical tote, but Matel informs me it is sold out.  No matter, there is always ebay.

I added these to my Christmas list, ripped the pages from the catalog and put them on The Spouse's nightstand, and all begged him over and over again.  I was met with an eyeroll and a sigh. 

Batman and I read the officially-sanctioned-by-kindergarten book before bed, then cuddled and read the Lego catalog, cover to cover.  It's probably not what his teacher hoped for when she tasked us with reading to our kids for 15 minutes each night, but whatevs, it was reading.  Batman even read, "Ships for Free" all by himself.  Useful life skill, kid. 

*Please note that while I have posted pics things the Superheroes and I love, I have gotten paid exactly bupkis.  There, are you happy FCC??*

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  1. We have also been getting lots toy catalogs, much to everyone's delight. Also, cute clothing catalogs, full of perfectly matching families smiling in perfectly posed portraits. I alternate wanting to stab the perfectly matching families and lamenting about our complete lack of matching pajamas. Happy holidays!