Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Back to Schoooooooool, Again!

Tonight starts the beginning of Kindergartenpalooza.  My little Batman was invited to his very first mixer, a popsicle playdate sponsored by the PTA.  As a Chico State sorority girl, I can only imagine that once a bunch of five year olds get their popsicles it is much like rush kick off:

(Ok, that's actually a Cesar Chavez party from 2010, but it seems nothing has changed in the 20 years since I attended.)

Tomorrow morning, we get his class assignment and have kindergarten open house.  I am desperately hoping that he has at least one friend in his class.  It doesn't have to be a best friend, or even a good friend, but someone he knows by name would be helpful.  As long as he has someone to sit with in the quad and share a coffee that first week before he really starts making friends. 

Tuesday is the first day of school for kids in Virginia.  I plan to take Batman to school myself the first day.  After that, he will be in before school care at one place, and after school care at another place.  Combined with Robin being at a different school altogether means that The Spouse and I will be driving all over beginning next week. 

I am hoping and praying that I do not forget a child, and end up with one in the car when I arrive at work.  Thankfully, I park in an underground garage with a valet, so even if I leave them in the car, they are relatively safe.  I also worry about The Spouse forgetting to pick up one of the kids.  Somehow, we will stumble through it.  Millions of families across the country send their children to school and learn to deal with the new routine. 

Lord, beer me strength. 

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