Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Extreme Makeover: Mom Edition

Robin hates getting his hair cut.  He fights like a wildcat, with growling, thrashing, scratching, and some biting.  It's not pleasant.  We've tried various options and hair stylists.  The only successful cut thus far was at Cartoon Cuts in the local mall, which promptly went out of business probably due to PTSD from dealing with my kid.  A few months ago, I gave him what I referred to as a "half haircut" because he wouldn't sit still for more. 

A week ago, The Spouse and I agreed that Robin needed a haircut.  It was too long and shaggy, it was hot, it would get drenched with sweat, he hated having it washed or dried.  I told The Spouse that I wanted to shave it off using a relatively short attachment on the clippers, buzz it, and be done with it for two months or so.  Surprisingly, The Spouse agreed to the idea - probably because we could deal with the tears and tantrum  in the privacy of our own home.  Last night, I decided the time had come.  We spread a sheet in the bathroom, put a #3 attachment on the clippers, and got to work.  It was not pleasant.  There was no edging around the ears nor clipping the hairline at the back of the neck.  I put a #1 on the clippers to do the bottom of the back of his neck, then dumped him in the shower.  Once he was clean and dry, I brushed his teeth, read him a book, and got him in bed.

Batman was holding out for me to buy a cape because he hates to get the little hairs all over him.  Surprisingly, he decided after all of Robin's drama, he would get his hair cut last night, too.  He stripped to the buff and stood patiently while I cut his hair.  (In another shocking turn of events, he also sat quietly through church on Sunday.  The entire service!  He's maturing before my eyes.)  He was mostly patient while The Spouse did the trim work around the ears and neck.  He got a much better haircut than Robin did and, with the money I saved, I will buy him a cape for the next time I cut their hair.  He, too, got in the shower, then in pjs for bed. 

Robin got his revenge later that night, when he woke up with growing pains at 12:30.  Then Batman was up with growing pains at 2:00.  Then the spouse and dogs woke me up at 5:30 when they finally straggled upstairs after falling asleep in front of the tv.  I had wondered why my migraines had gone away after being a daily occurance for weeks.  And today, one is back in residence over my right eye.  I'm sure it was because we went for a period of time without growing pains and now they are back and I'm getting up multiple times per night.  Joy!

I dropped the boys off at daycare/summer camp today, and I must say they looked sharp.

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