Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Happy Birthday, Sally!

My Salligator is 10 years old (more or less) today.  We brought her home nine years ago today, when she was a year old (more or less).

Sally at 10 years:Weight: 45ish
Teeth: still has most of them, but lost two the year during a dental cleaning.
Sleep schedule: Marathon napper and typically sleeps through the night.  Sometimes wakes me up to go out.
Food: Yes, please.  She would love to eat your food, her food, Leo's food, moldy food, or anything else remotely edible.  She is a furry vacuum cleaner, and does a better job than the Dyson.
Milestones:  She has achieved senior dog status at the vet. 
Nicknames: Salligator, Cuddle Bug, Baby Girl
Hobbies:  Eating, napping, basking in the sun, barking at Viking pillagers, barking at imagined Viking pillagers, sleeping on forbidden furniture, taking rawhide away from Leo once he has softened the edges, shedding.

Sally was brought home when Roxanne was on her last legs.  Surprisingly, the addition of Sally bought Rox a few more years.  Rox was never a dog's dog, but Sally adored Roxanne and followed her around willing her to play.  Roxanne brought our scared broken dog out of her shell and back to life.  We are so very lucky that Sally turned out the way she did.  She could have been a frightful angry dog, full of fear agression but she's not.  She is full of love and care for her family, even if the superheros do sometimes disturb her peace.  No matter what "love" and "affection" they shower on her, she will lay there and take it until they (are ordered to) stop. 

I love you, baby girl.  You and me against the boys, ok? 

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