Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Ah-weem-a-way Ah-weem-a-way

On Friday, I left work and drove the Batmobile out to Chantilly to drop stuff off for the consignment sale.  After packing/unpacking the kitchen, doing the summer/fall wardrobe shift, and packing up Batman's outgrown clothes for Robin to wear in the future, I didn't have much energy to do a good haul for the sale.  I checked today, and I made $22.  {shrug} it's money I wouldn't have otherwise had and didn't require too much effort, so that's ok.

While out there, I did a Target run.  Mostly, I enjoyed being myself and just aimlessly walked through my Happiest Place on Earth.  Scored some Nats hats for the boys on clearance.  I once swore that I would never allow my children to wear a hat with a red W on it, but now that we have a Dem president and the boys lose hats like they grow on trees I decided to overlook that vow.  I grabbed a burger at Wendys and arrived home in time to put the kids to bed.

On Saturday, Robin was up way too early.  Usually, he's my kid that sleeps in.  I had to get up with him, so I gave him breakfast, turned on the tv, and went back to bed until 8am.  Responsible parenting, I know.  He's almost 3, I gated off the more dangerous areas of the house, and Batman was up at 7 to tattle should he do anything really bad.  When it was time to go to swim lessons I realized that Robin's skinned knee from earlier in the week was still oozing puss and he needed to stay home.  I woke up The Spouse, and Batman and I were off.  I was practically giddy at the thought of sitting on the sidelines and reading my book for 30 minutes, but I got a lot of "Mommy, look at me" and the 30 minutes flew by. 

After lessons, I wanted to stop by the grocery store, but Batman was complaining he was hungry (as if it were my fault that he refused to eat breakfast).  I took him to KFC/Bell for lunch.  As we were leaving, our friends were walking in.  We hadn't seen them in forever.  Our lives are moving too fast and we never have time for each other anymore.  It's too bad, too, because we all love each other so much but since Robin and their twins were born, we don't have the energy.  But, you know, we understand that about each other and it's cool.  We visited while they ate lunch, then they offered to take Batman home for the afternoon.  Um, ok!!  I grocery shopped by myself, hit the library, and headed home.  Robin was still up, so I got my crockpot chili going and put him down for his nap.  I took a very brief rest and then headed over to pick up Batman. My girlfriend and I chatted for an hour, then I finally drug Batman out by telling him what the big surprise was for the evening.  We were taking the kids to the Lion King.

After dinner, I changed into my pajama jeans which are really these jeans and are so very comfortable, stretchy, and don't lose their shape while you wear them, grabbed our Fandango passes, and hit up Mufasa.  Mufasa, Mufasa, Mufasa.  Batman was more than a little annoyed at first, because he has already seen the Lion King and wanted to see something new.  But once we got settled and the movie started, he began to appreciate the big screen and talked about how cool it was when it was over. 

On Sunday, we took the kids to church, then The Spouse went to the office.  I did mass amounts of laundry and dishes.  I made Batman spend an hour of quiet time in his room while Robin napped.  I sorted junk in the basement while keeping an eye out for stray kitchen boxes (still haven't found utensils) when I heard my bed calling my name.  I decided to lay down for 45 minutes, until the kitchen timer went off and Batman could get up.  He kept coming into my room to check the time on the clock.  When there were 10 minutes left, he laid down next to me so he could watch the time.  Two hours later, Robin woke the both of us up by calling for me over the baby monitor.  I lost two hours, but it felt delicious. 

I made enchiladas for dinner, called The Spouse to tell him it was time to leave work, did ever more laundry and sorting of junk and trashwhile I watched the last of the Cowboys/49ers (go Cowboys!  But I really strongly dislike Tony Romo).  Got rid of seven boxes of trash and found the last of the kitchen stuff.  I put The Spouse in charge of the kids and I got my Emmy pre-game on then watched the Emmys and folded laundry for the rest of the night.

*Please note that while I have posted links to products and endorsed things I love, I have gotten paid exactly bupkis.  There, are you happy FCC??*

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