Thursday, September 29, 2011


I had my first (from this particular school) call from the school nurse to let me know that Batman needed a parent to take care of his "situation" and then he could return to school.  Great, just great.  Batman was at school which is 15 miles, one freeway, one construction zone, and one valet parking away. 

I tried to call The Spouse, who works 3 miles and one parking garage from school.  No answer.  Left a message with him, notified my office of my impending absence, left The Spouse another message, attempted to call the valet to ask them to bring the Batmobile up (the line has been disconnected), gathered up my stuff, and was walking out the door when The Spouse returned my call.  He agreed to deal with the situation.

I sat at my desk with a knot in my stomach for two hours until I got a status report.  Batman is fine and back at school. 

As a working mother, I feel completely helpless sometimes - at the mercy of my commute and work schedule.  Or at the mercy of sick needy children.  I love my kids, I enjoy my job.  What's a mom to do?

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