Friday, September 30, 2011

Happy Birthday to me

These don't exactly go together, but the total price for all is $285 - of course, I will need to pay someone to come install them.  But they will brighten up the Batcave considerably.

I can't get better photos than these.

Dining area:

Entry way:

Top flight of stairs:

Stairs to basement (2 lights), basement (3 lights), and my closet (1 light)


  1. I'm thinking I need new fans for my back patio. Mine are caked with 12 years of dust.

  2. Having a well illuminated Batcave is very important. Bravo on so stylishly assuring it. And just think, with a little training in like 10 years you can make your children install them for you. For FREE. Because you said so.