Thursday, September 8, 2011

Everything I needed to know I learned from the internet

Tuesday was Batman's first day of kindergarten at the local elementary school.  He was fine and pretty cool with everything all weekend.  By the end of the weekend, he and Robin fought like cats and dogs, but that's to be expected.  He went to bed early Monday night and fell asleep - no tossing and turning.

Tuesday morning, he woke up and seemed ok.  Ate breakfast, got dressed, brushed teeth.  I had butterflies, but he didn't say anything if he did.  I didn't want to ask him about it and put the idea in his head so I let it go. 

He was absolutely fine...

until he got to morning care - run by the county for us working parents.  The room was crowded, chaotic, and loud.  He had some friends there, but clung to me.  I got him registered and then we waited to go to his room.  He would not let go of me.

It was somewhat confusing getting to his room, but it was the first one, so I guess that's a good thing for him.  He won't get as lost. 

His friends were already there, so he found his cubby and put away his backpack.

 Then he would not let go of me. 

All of a sudden all of his anxieties and fears surfaced. 

The teacher's aide would not take my hint (very broad, "I need to go NOW and Batman needs a little help getting settled."  She must be new to this.) 

The teacher was at the door, checking kids in, but finally I had to drag him over there and say goodbye - again - and go out.  When I passed by five minutes later, he was still standing in the library area of the room while his friends colored.

I was nervous all day about Batman taking the bus to afterschool care, but didn't call and he did just fine.  The Spouse reported via text message that Robin's drop off for his first day in the 3's went fine.  Robin was a little confused and uncertain and The Spouse just bailed on him.  Such are differences between moms and dads.

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