Monday, September 12, 2011

These are the days

While I wait for some testimony to get final sign off, I thought I'd drop in to do a brief wrap up of recent events.

Last week was an experience.  Batman's first day of school.  Torential rains brought about flooding that closed the schools on Friday.  His first week and we were already scrambling to line up back up childcare.  He was thrilled.  We were very happy with the decision that we made to send him to a private afterschool program - that was open - instead of the county afterschool program - which was closed.  (Side note: We have had an earthquake, floods, and endless heat.  If you consider that stink bugs destroyed crops instead of locusts, we are one plague away from a Biblical prophecy.)  And, to end it all, the 10th anniversary of 9/11 - and Leo's birthday.

We decided to skip church but otherwise treat it like any normal Sunday, GFL - groceries, football, laundry.  While Robin napped and The Spouse watched his Chiefs (win!  They won and my Cowboys lost!  Is karma kicking me for something?), I took Batman to the grocery store. 

He drove me crazy.  Bopping around, asking for this or that, getting in/out of the way too small truck cart over and over and over until I was on my last nerve.  After spending five minutes discussing why I would not be buying him Danimals yogurt (too expensive, no coupons, no sale), I had had it.  Then I heard 10,000 Maniacs come over the store's sound system.  These are the days, indeed.  These are the days I always hoped and prayed for.  A loving husband, 2.5 kids to bother me to death, 2 dogs, and a career that I enjoy.  These are indeed the days.  I never thought I could have kids, and I was blessed with two.  What more is there, really?  I scooped Batman up and gave him a hug and a kiss while he struggled in my arms.  I smelled his hair and was grateful to have that day and that moment.

I survived the 10th anniversary of 9/11 withouth crying or having to explain it to my children.  I know I will have to, one day.  I will have to explain how scared we were, how I couldn't locate The Fiance (Daddy, as they now call him) and didn't know if he was safe or not.  How I wore a new suit to work that day and couldn't wear it again without thinking of that day and the fear so I gave it away.  All of the other details about that day that are etched into my brain.  But that's one day.  It wasn't yesterday, and I hope it's not today.

Now let's get on with life.  Life.

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